Meet Our Team
Hi, I'm Michelle van Biljon
Social Worker
I aspire to be an impactful, inspiring and purpose driven Social worker, touching the lives of children and families that crosses my path. I aspire not to rescue children and families, but rather help them to realize their own strengths and capacities to overcome the challenges of life. I aspire to provide support for change in the lives of children and families in challenging situations.

I see myself as an instrument in God’s hands, living out my calling and passion to empower children to utilize their strengths, to give them a voice to advocate for change and a successful future, that every child deserves.
My dream for every child that crosses my path is to empower them to break the chain of bad choices and to live an impactful life, to their full potential, utilizing their own strengths and capacities, through building the social, emotional and educational aspects of their lives.

12 years ago, God showed me to be his Hands and feet on earth, to provide, empower, love, nurture and bring hope to His children in disadvantaged situations. He called me to uplift these children and impact their lives on a social, emotional and educational level to be able to rise above their current circumstances. Dynamic Women for children are who I am in God’s will. It is a privilege to be able to serve and live out God’s purpose.

Hi, I'm Marleen van der Walt
Managing Director
Dynamic Women for Children is my calling and reason for being on this earth. I am blessed with 4 beautiful daughters (2 of my own blood Rozahn and Michelle, and 2 which God brought into my life, Kyla and Michelle.) Rozahn and Michelle is my miracle children from God.
Hi, I'm Hennie Engelbrecht
Operational Manager
Matt 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” Dynamic Women for Children create the platform to leave a legacy in our community.