Therapy Centre
Dynamic Women for Children Private Care Centre strive to provide for these children with all their basic needs and more on a physical and educational level, with a Christian foundation.
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Dynamic Women for Children (DWFC) are in the process to establish a Therapy Centre for the community. We wish to provide for DWFC Private Care Centre’s children with the needed support, therapy, groupwork etc, looking after the children’s emotional well-being. The Social Services can also serve the bigger community with an opportunity for more affordable support, therapy and assessments

DWFC Therapy centre dreams/ wishes:
• A therapy centre, where we rent office space to professionals such as phycologists, doctors, Occupational therapists, speech therapists etc. and the professionals then need to “give” one day back as free service for our children.
• Expanding our Social work practice with specialized Social Workers.

Dynamic Women for Children employed Michelle van Biljon, registered (SACSSP 10-49110) Social Worker in January 2020.
Michelle van Biljon is currently compiling a community analysis and needs assessment report for the organisation and broader community. The needs-assessment report, together with an action plan to address the needs and the costs involved will be used to get funds for the project

The project will mainly focus on social-emotional assessments, therapy, attachment therapy, parental guidance therapy, groupwork and community development.
If you / your business wants to get involve and sponsor our therapy centre to support a child on an emotional level, please feel free to contact us. (We are registered for Article 18 A certificates)